Simon Emmanuel's lab at the Institute of Earth Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Our environment is shaped by the interaction between water and rock. This interaction has a crucial impact on a range of diverse processes, such as the way landscapes develop and erode, the spread of contaminants in groundwater, and the extraction of oil and gas from hydrocarbon reservoirs. In my group, we study these processes using a combination of cutting edge lab technology, state-of-the-art modeling, and field work. Current research projects include:

  • Developing new methods for carbon sequestration
  • Mitigating contaminant transport in aquifers
  • Quantifying weathering in carbonate rocks

Students in my team are part of a dynamic research program that is pioneering exciting new projects at the interface between hydrology, geology, and geochemistry. Scholarships are available for creative and talented candidates with backgrounds in Earth Sciences and Natural Sciences. 

For further information concerning M.Sc., Ph.D. and postdoctoral opportunities , contact Prof. Simon Emmanuel (